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Control Manager and IE 7


I've noticed since upgrading from IE 6.0 to IE 7 (b2) that my Control Manager scripts can no longer locate the IE windows by name. It appears likely related to the tabbed browser features.

This script used to work perfectly:

hwnd = DLLhwnd("~Internet Explorer")
hwnd = cwndbyclass(hwnd, "msctls_statusbar32")
The script now displays an error message that the window does not exist (hint: it does, and it's spelled correctly, tried different variations).


Launch the roboscripter and posistion the mouse over the status bar. What class type is displayed in the Roboscripter dialog? It is true that when a new version of a program comes out, one must often re-debug control manager scripts to accomodate the updated version of the program.
hwnd = DllHwnd("~Internet Explorer")
hwnd = cWndbyclass(hwnd, "TabWindowClass")
hwnd = cWndbyclass(hwnd, "msctls_statusbar32")

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File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:25
Last Updated: 2007:07:03:14:26:23