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Control Manager - General Orientation and Use with Mail Programs

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Are there any more examples/tutorial for using the control mgr extentions?

I have two different e-mail addressess and I am trying to write a script that accesses my e-mail in one mailbox, changes my profile, and then gets from the other e-mail address.

Manually, I right click on the in-box, select Internet mail service, select profile, make any changes, click OK, and re-start messaging.

I can run the analysis script for both control panel and the mail icon. Now what?


You had better get a mail program that supports multiple POP3 identities. I heard that MSIE does that (I think IE can DL all mails from all your accounts without any intervention). OTOH Pegasus (freeware) does nearly that using a (free) extention Eve (With Eve, you store your identities and switch among them by doubleclicking the list of identities).

To use the control manager, you need some understanding of what Windows control are, and a lot of experiments. To get good at this kind of stuff, you've got to spend time writing all sorts of scripts. The Control Manager extender is a semi-advanced tool, but you've got to know what you need to do first.

The general idea is to start off automating something with just keystrokes. I would guess that 80% of all tasks can be done that way. Work thru the tutorial. Be able to automate Notepad, Solitaire and stuff like that.

Once you have a few throwaway scripts that work under your belt, then you can attack a real problem. Once you work with trying to automate dialog boxes with keystrokes, then some of the Control Manager stuff starts to make sense. Basically the "controls" are just more specialized windows in a tree type hierarchy. The Control Manager allows you to work out to a node (leaf) of the tree and do something to a specialized window out there.

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