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Control manager Unicode Support

 Keywords: Unicode MSDB Code page Japanese ?  


I am attempting to use the Control manager extender to query dialogs that contain Japanese (Unicode) characters, but the Control Manager functions just return question marks ? in place of those characters.


Control Manager does not work with Unicode strings but it does not necessarily need to to return Japanese text. Japanese characters can be represented on Windows using the MSDB code page which is not Unicode. It all depends on the default code page installed on the system running the script. If MSDB is the default code page then Windows should convert any Japanese Unicode strings to MSDB strings when they are passed to Control Manager just like English systems convert Unicode to Windows-1252 for Control Manager.

That said, as far as I know, the Control Manager extender has never been tested on a system with MSDB installed as the default code page so there is no guarantee that it will work properly. MSDB does require special string handling and while it is almost always the goal to write software to be MSDB compatible, it is hard to know if that has accomplished successfully without rigorous testing.

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