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Locate the IE Download Notification Bar

 Keywords: Locate the IE Download Notification Bar IE11 


In IE 8 if you had to download a file you would get the window "File Save" . Here you could do a sendkeys to the window and save the file. In IE9 onwards there is notification bar that comes up which does not have a window name. Hence how do I automatically do a "Save as" with sendkey or otherwise when the Download notification bar comes up By Notification Bar I am referring to the Gold-White bar that appears on the page when one tries to download a file

I have tried using roboscripter to uncover the guts of the download notification bar, but it does not show much and at least does not uncover the Open, Save , Cancel buttons. i have tried using cGetSBText and other similar commands but no luck


It appears those buttons are not exposed (probably for security reasons). You cannot send the keystrok Alt-s because it conflicts with IE own Alt-s menu option. Looks like you are left with using the mouse.
; Tested with WinBatch 2014A, IE 11, Windows 7
ShellExecute('', '', '', @NORMAL, '')
title = "~Thank you for downloading"
WinWaitExist(title, 10)
window1=DllHwnd('Thank you for downloading Easy screen capture software for Windows 7 - Tucows Downloads - Internet Explorer')
FNB = cFindByClass(`Frame Notification Bar`)
winid = cWinIDConvert(FNB)
pos = WinPosition( winid )
ulc = MouseMove( ItemExtract(1,pos,","), ItemExtract(2,pos,","), title, '' )

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