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Control Manager with Multiple Selection Listboxes

Keywords: 	  Multiple Selection Listboxes  cSetLBItemEx


I just wonder if there is any keyboard equivalence to select multiple items from a window (ie. using a mouse, you will Ctrl-click to select different items from a list.)

I tried the Control Manager Extension cSetLBItemEx function, but it failed (saying that the Window has unknown class or style). The CLASS is called CTABLE as revealed by the ANALYSIS script.


Try combinations ot Shift, Control, downarrow and space. I would use SendKeys to activate the desired list box (Try various alt characters and/or tabs), then space to hilight the first one then ShiftEnd to highlight them all.

Question (cont'd):

Shift-Down/Up/Left/Right works, but only allows me to select a contiguous list of items - I want to be able to select any items I need, any ideas?


Downarrow a few times, then Ctrl-Space I think.
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