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Control Manager

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Parse Results of cWndGetWndSpec

 Keywords: cWndGetWndSpec class module child Id WindowID

If !AppExist('Notepad.exe') Then Run('Notepad.exe','')

; Add the control manager extender.

hwnd = DllHwnd("~Notepad")
Spec = cWndGetWndSpec(hwnd)
class    = ItemExtract( 1, Spec, ',' )
module    = ItemExtract( 2, Spec, ',' )
ccount    = ItemExtract( 3, Spec, ',' )
For xx = 1 To ccount
    child%xx% = ItemExtract( 3 + xx, Spec, ',' )
    Pause( 'child%xx%', child%xx%)

Article ID:   W17561
Filename:   Parse Results of cWndGetWndSpec.txt
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:27
Last Updated: 2010:07:16:12:13:45