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Timeout for cWndByWndSpec


I asked this question before, and, well, I either didn't understand, or, well, I'll just try again.

Basically, I've built some scripts with the RoboScripter, and it works fairly well. The program I'm trying to automate, however, sometimes responds that it can't complete my request at the time and pops up an error window. I'd like to be able to handle that in my script. The problem is, I don't know ahead of time if this error is going to show up or not. And I'm not sure how to detect it. It is a popup window that has the same title as the main program's title.

The Roboscripter comes up with a script that finds the popup window okay, if it exists:

; Default cWndByWndSpec seems OK here
The problem is, if the popup doesn't appear, and I run that call, it takes it forever to timeout. I had asked if there was a way with any of the IntControl features or some way to set the timeout on cWndByWndSpec, and I think it was just suggested that I check if the window exists first. But, given that it has the same title as the main program, I don't know how to do that.


The Control Manager "cWndExist" function which can look for a window based on name, sequence, id or class does not have a built in wait time so it returns immediately when a matching window is not found.

cWndGetWndSpec() returns, as a string, everything that is between the parenthesis in your cWndByWndSpec() call.

So, you can call cWndGetWndSpec() and see if it returns the string that corresponds to the window you are looking for; if it does, then you know that window is present.

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