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WinXP 64 bit OS and Control Manager


WinBatch and WinXP64 bit work for the most part. The problem I'm having is with the Control Manager extender. I need to select a network connection from the connections displayed using control.exe and ncpa.cpl. I can get handles to the windows but when I use a command like "cgetlvtext" WinBatch responds with the message "Error: 229: Timed out waiting for window to respond." Any suggestions?


Ah. the cGetlvText fucntion has to actually patch itself into the memory space of the ncpl applet, and inject code into the applet process to get that information. I can see where ifthe applet is coded in 64 bit code, it might have interesting issues with the injection of 32 bit code.

There is another Comtrol Manager fucntion that does somehting similiar.

(It was an incredible hack at the time just to be able to get that informaiton.)

So, well as of yet I have no idea whether it would be fixable or not. Will forward to developers.

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