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cEditText with DNS Entry in TCP-IP Dialog

Keywords: 	  cSetEditText DNS


I am attempting to update the DSN Server IP Addresses on the DNS Configuration window (Network Properties, TCP/IP Properties). The edit box looks like " . . . " - I am attempting to input a string "" using the cSetEditText, but it returns a 0 and I do not see any text being placed into the box. Is it because of the "." in the edit box? Any ideas on how to do this?

Also, is there any way to set the focus on a particular control? If I could set the focus on the DNS Server Search Order edit box, then I could use SendKey to repeately add the DNS server IP addresses.


  1. It looks like that control is of type IPADDRESS. Apparently we cannot fill these in.

  2. If you SendKey("!X") where X is he underlined character associated with a control title or button, focus goes to that control. Good practise is play with your dialogs without a mouse and without using the TAB or arrow keys. There are all kinds of keystrokes that do amazing things.

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