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cGetCBItem Returns Text Instead of Strings

Keywords:    cGetCBItem


I have run across an instance where cGetCBItem returns the text in the edit box instead of the strings in the list. In this same instance, cSetCBItem fails.

The specific example that I have been working with is trying to set the country code combobox in the 'Make New Connection' dialog for making new Dial-up networking connections. I am using Windows 95, with the old version of Dial-up networking.

If I select the ComboBox control with the mouse before this part of my script rolls around, Both functions work normally.


In some cases, rarely used controls don't really exist unless you click on them.

Try hitting the combobox with a cClickButton before doing anything else.

Question (Thread continued):

cClickButton does not produce any noticeable change in the behavior of the control. Do you know if sending any other messages, like a WM_ACTIVATE would do anything?


Might try a cClickButton to activate it, then maybe send it a keystroke like a downarrow.
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