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Latest News about the Searcher Extender

File Searcher Extender: Version 10000  

     Initial Release  

File Searcher Extender: Version 10001  

     Initial Release 

File Searcher Extender: Version 10002  July 1996

     Fixed problem with srchNext sometimes failing if a search 
     string was specified.

File Searcher Extender: Version 10003  May 1997

     Fixed problem with zero byte files being missed
     Added capability to return directory names on request.

     SrchInit flag 32  Return directory names too  

File Searcher Extender: Version 10006  Dec 12, 2000

      Rename the WITZSRCH.HLP file to a more usable FILESRCH.HLP

      The File Searcher extender has been updated to a new format 
      to allow more descriptive function names and additional 
      parameters.  This version of the extender requires 
      WinBatch 2001A or newer to run.  It will not work on 
      WinBatch 2000C or older.
      In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts using a
      previous version of this extender, the extender DLL has been 
      renamed to include a 34I in the DLL name instead of a 32I.  
      Old and new versions of this extender can *usually* co-exist 
      side by side.
      To use the new extender with old scripts and with 
      WinBatch 2001A or newer you will need to change the AddExtender 
      line in the script to reflect the new DLL name.
      should become

File and Folder Finder Extender:  Version 44001  May 2008

      Initial Release

File and Folder Finder Extender: Version 44004 Sep. 2011

      Added 64-bit version of extender for 64-bit WinBatch.

File Searcher Extender: Version 34011  July 11, 2012 
      Updated  extender to use the 5.0.2 version of the search library dll 
      in order to fix an unhandled exception when searching with option 2 set.

File and Folder Finder Extender: Version 44005 Aug. 28, 2013
      Added support for a new flag value of 128 (no reparse points)to the fafOpen 
      function's flags parameter.  When set this flag prevents the extender from 
      including file system objects implemented with reparse points in searches 
      performed using the returned seach context. Reparse points are used by the 
      NTFS file system to implement symbolic links, directory junctions and directory 
      mount points among other things. Reparse points, and their associated 
      filters and applications provided by 3rd party vender may also be present on a

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