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Searcher Updates Last Accessed Time



When searching through a filesystem, Searcher resets the "last access" on all the files, giving me the impression that GetEx was faulty.

Other file-searching utilities doesn't update this date (utils like Norton FileFind and "Find" in Win95/NT). HSM solutions doesn't update it either.

My problem is that I'm building a program that archives old files to ADSM based on the last access and I shouldn't touch the files at all.


To hit the file we need to access it....Thus LastAccess....

For a workaround, maybe you could search for a file "XXX.YYY" that you know does NOT exist on your system, but enable SEARCHER to return directory names as it works.

Once you get a directory name, do a fileitemize on the directory (hoping it is not too big) and work on those names.

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