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 Rev 44017  Jun 05, 2018	
	Added 64-bit version of the extender.

 Rev 44016  Apr 28, 2010
	Fixed problem with tListProc that could cause a crash when system performance counters are corrupt.

 Rev 44015  Sep 8, 2008 DRF
	The Process extender has been updated to a new format to allow more descriptive function names and
	additional parameters.  This version of the extender requires WinBatch 2004B or newer to run.  This
	extender will not work on WinBatch 2004A or older. In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts 
	using a previous version of this extender, the extender DLL has been renamed to include a 44I in 
	the DLL name instead of a 34I.  Old and new versions of this extender can *usually* co-exist side 
	by side.
	To use the new extender with old scripts and with WinBatch 2004B or newer you will need to change the
	AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL name.   e.g.


	should become

 	WWWBATCH.INI is now placed in the [Application Data]\WinBatch\Settings directory, instead of in the 
	Windows directory. You can obtain the [Application Data] directory using ShortCutDir function with the 
	shell folder name 'AppData'. 

Rev 10014  Nov 29, 2007
    Modified tGetLastError processing, because the it only reset the last error if another Process 
	extender function was called. 
    Modified tBrowseCntrs to include InstanceIndex in the dialog.

    Added tParseCntrPath. Parses the elements of the counter path and stores the results in tab delimited list. 

Rev 10013  Feb 12, 2004
    Modified tOpenProc to set the SE_DEBUG_NAME privilege when using PROCESS_TERMINATE(3) on NT platforms. 	
    Modified tGetData, to better handle PDH status messages. 	
    tListProc, nolonger concatenates '.exe' on the end of process names on NT.
Rev 10012  Dec 31, 2002 
    Fixed problem with tListMod on 95/98 not including all modules.

Rev 10011
    Fixed problem with tSetPriority not recognizing the flag 256 (REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS).

Rev 10010
    Modified tBrowseCntrs to include InstanceIndex in the dialog. Modified tRemoteConn to report error info
	to wwwbatch.ini. 

Rev 10009 June 2001
      Changed compiler options to use 8 byte boundaries. This fixed a problem with tGetdata/tBrowseCntrs
      returning a pointer rather than the appropriate value.

Rev 10008
      Modified tGetLastError processing.

Rev 10007
      Changed error checking on tListProc,tListMod,tCountproc,tGetData. Changed from 207
      to 230 if pdh.dll not found.

Rev 10006
       Modified tGetData to query the data twice to handle for counters that require it. 
      (ie. % processor time). Also changed the tGetData error checking, it was returning error 224
       regardless of the error recieved....

Rev 10005 Oct 11th, 2000 
       tListProc, nolonger concatenates '.exe' on the end of process names greater
       than twelve characters on Windows NT. Changed because there is some problem with process names 
       with length of 12-14 characters. Now it only concatenates .EXE if (pid->NameLength < 32). 
       Just like Task Manager.

       Added functions tSetPriority/tGetPriority to set/get priority of a process.

Rev 10004 Sept 11th, 2000
       Modified error return for iCloseProc from 213 to 229.

       Modified error return for tBrowseCntrs from 207: Could not load PSAPI.DLL to
       230: Could not load PDH.DLL. 

       Modified error checking in tGetdata, wasn't closing
       Open queries on errors. Modified tBrowseCntr dialog processing.

       Added tRemoteConn(machine-name){*NT} which allows you access performance info
       on a remote computer.

Rev 10003   June 8, 2000 
       Modified tListProc, and tListMod to also run on 95/98. 
       Added new functions tOpenProc, tCloseProc, tKillProc, tBrowseCntrs, 
       tGetData, tCompatible, tGetLast Error.

Rev 10002   March 22, 2000 
       Changed tGetModInfo to tGetProcInfo, and it now returns 9 items.
       Added new functions tCountProc

Rev 10001   March 20, 2000 
       Changed to initialize output strings.

Rev 10000   Jan 11, 2000
       Initial release.

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