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List of Process Extender Errors

Keywords: 	   process extender errors


I'm looking for a list of process extender error message strings.


Here is a list of error strings for the Process Extender.
200: tListProc Failed.
201: Open Process Failed
202: Could not open process. Access denied.
203: Invalid flag(s) specified.
204: tGetProcInfo failed. Maybe invalid process handle.
205: Invalid parameter type. 
206: tGetModInfo failed.
207: Could not load PSAPI.DLL
208: May need newer version of PSAPI.DLL
209 : Not designed to run on this platform.
210 : tBrowseCntrs function failed.
211: May need newer version of PDH.DLL
212: Terminate Process Failed
213: Cannot retrieve counter index.
214:  Problem accessing registry
215: tListProc failed.
216: tOpenQuery failed.
217: tCloseQuery failed.
218: Invalid handle.
219: tAddCounter failed
220: tCollectData failed
221: tCloseCounter failed. Possibly an invalid handle
222: Invalid Counter Name.
223: The specified counter was not found.
224: An argument is not correct or is incorrectly formatted.
225: Specified counter does not contain valid data or a successful status code.
226: The counter handle is not valid.
227: The specified instance is not present.
228: tGetData function failed.
229: tCloseProc failed.
230:  Could not load PDH.DLL
231: The specified object is not found on the system.
232: Counter string not available.
233: The specified instance is not present.
234: tRemoteConn failed.
235: Unable to connect to specified machine.
236: Unable to Set Priority.
237: Unable to Get Priority.
238: Could not load Kernel32.dll
239: Unable to locate 'ID process' counter.

Article ID:   W14790
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:39
Last Updated: 2001:11:08:12:39:59