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How to get CPU usage from a Task Manager Window

Keywords: 	  CPU usage Task Manager  Process Information Extender


How can I get CPU usage from a task manager window


Look in the Process Information Extender help file, at the function tBrowseCntrs. This function will launch perfmon.exe, and you can select which process you want to monitor.

For CPU Usage, select, "% Processor Time", and hit the OK button. Then in the following script, you'll see that tGetData returns the total CPU time, either as an integer value or as a floating point number.


counterstring=tBrowseCntrs (0,0,0,0,0)
Message("tBrowseCntrs returned full counter path",counterstring)
if WinVersion(4)==4; NT
   Message("tGetData for %counterstring%",strcat("Float Value:",fltdat,@CRLF,"Int Value: ",intdat))

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