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Get Sub Process Names From NTVDM

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In the NT Task Manager, for NTVDM.exe, there are sub processes (without IDs). Is there a way to get the sub process names that are associated with this NTVDM.exe? I do not see any way of doing this in the process extender.


If you look at the Windows NT Task Manager (TaskMgr.exe), in the Processes tab you'll see a list of current user-mode processes running within your system. Taskmgr.exe utilizes a mix of the Process Status API (PSAPI.DLL) and the Virtual DOS Machine Debug API (VDMDBG.DLL) to present a uniform list of 16-bit and Win32-based applications (including MS-DOSŪ boxes, represented by NTVDM.EXE). Unfortunately our process extender only supports the Win32-based applications.

So in answer to your question, there is no way to get the sub process names that are associated with this NTVDM.exe using our process extender or directly through any of our other WIL functions.

The only way we have found to enumerate 16 bit processes under NTVDM is through the Virtual DOS Machine Debug API (VDMDBG.DLL). Unfortunately Microsoft has not documented this API. If you are familiar with C progamming you can write your own WIL extender, via the WIL SDK. If you are interested in investigating further here is a useful article:

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