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Process Extender memory leak


I have written a simple "watchdog"-app that monitors a couple of computers (15) to se if a specific process is up and running.

The app writes the info to a file with a time stamp and a error code that looks like this:

0 = OK
1 = Process does not exist
2 = Can't connect against the computer
3 = Doesn't respond to PING

Then the app. waits for a specified amount of time and then does the whole thing all over again. I'm using both the WinInet-extender and the process-extender to help me out. But after a couple of days my memory tends to be all used up. My own humble feeling is that the tRemoteConn function should have a matching disconnect-function. But thats just a guess from my side of the Atlantic.

My compiled app has acquired approximately 120mb of memory after 3 days of nonstop execution. Thatís why I was lead to believe that my new app was the one to be blamed for my lack of memory ;o)

So...Memory, leak or bad code? Please some help.


While awaiting a possible determination of the problem, one trick is to have the the program execute itself and exit every few hours or 1000 loops or something. This usually has the effect of dropping the built-up baggage and starting afresh.


What windows platform are you running on?

Here are some known issues on various Windows platforms:

Note: Some of the functions in the Process extender access the PDH APIs.;en-us;263221;en-us;306286

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