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tGetData error 224.

Keywords: 	 tGetData error 224.


My code:
counter = '\\MYMACHINE\Process(MYPROCESS)\%% Processor Time'
nTime=tGetData(counter ,1)
Errors out with
224: An argument is not correct or is incorrectly formatted.

NOTE: I can read this counter fine via perfmon, but it errors when I use tGetData.

Another strange thing is the script works on another nt4 server at work, and works on my 2000 pro machine at home, but bombs on the nt4 server I actually want to run it on.


The error 224, basically is an invalid could mean the counter string passed to the function is invalid. But it sounds like you have confirmed this to be a valid counter string.

Make sure you are running version 10006 of the process extender. There have been some changes to the function tGetData.....

Apparently *some* counters require retrieving two samples of performance data, inorder to properly calculate the data returned. % processor time is one of those. We modified the function tGetData, to handle these types of counters.

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