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tListProc 213 Cannot Retrieve Counter Index


tListProc() give the following error "213: Cannot retrieve counter index." on one box and not another any idea what the cause could be? Both server are Windows 2003 server, and have full control on the regedit. one has entries under Perflib work the other does not, HELP


tListProc is attempting to retrieve a counter index from the registry under the key:
HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\perflib\009
The logged in user must have READ permission on that key.

You could try installing and running the 'exctrlst' utility. This tool provides information about the performance counter DLLs that have been installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows. The tool lists the services and applications that provide performance information by using the Windows registry. When monitored using the Performance console provided in Windows, the data provided by these performance counters can be useful for optimizing and troubleshooting.

User Reply:

Problem was found to be the counter libraries need to follow the following :;en-us;300956 to allow the system to work.
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