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tRemoteConn Eating Up Memory

Keywords: 	  tRemoteConn  memory


I am connecting to a large number of servers (around 200), sequentially, getting information from performance counters using tRemoteConn(\\server) followed by a number of tGetData("\\server\counterstring") commands.

What seems to be happening is that every tRemoteConn to a new server eats up around 300-400Kb of memory. As there does not appear to be a 'close' command to close tRemoteConn connections, I was wondering how best to conserve memory during processing of this type?


Strange indeed. I am testing it on a win2000 machine, connecting multiple times to the same XP machine. I noticed the first time I connected to my test XP machine, there does seem to be some loss of memory, but each successive call to tRemoteConn (to the same machine) doesn't cause any further memory loss.

My guess is there is some amount of memory loss due to the iniital connection to a new machine. Unfortunately there is not alot we can do about it. It seems to be a problem with the underlying windows API function.

The only suggestion I can make at this point is to have the script process something like 10 servers at a time, then having the script restart itself for the next 10, and exit.

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