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215 tListProc Failed

 Keywords: 215 tListProc Failed 239 unable to locate ID process counter performance
disable disabled enable enabled registry key perfproc appexist appwaitclose failed


What does error 215 indicate in response to tListProc()?

I'm getting it on one specific Win2K box, when the command runs fine on all my others. WB version 2001e Process Extender Version 10007 Contents of wwwbatch.ini: [WWPROC34I] LastError=FFFFFFFF (dwProcessIdOffset)


Very strange! This wwwbatch.ini error tells me that we cannot locate the Performance counter 'ID Process' in the registry.

Can you run the performance monitor 'perfmon.exe' on this machine? Can you see a list of processes listed, when you do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete? Is this machine running a NON-english version of Windows? Out of curiousity, what is the service pack level of this 2000 machine?


Well, you got me pointed in the right direction and the problem is resolved.

In trying to troubleshoot some odd event log entries, I had used a Resource Kit tool called EXCTRLST.EXE to disable Performance counters for perfproc.dll. (Perfmon still ran fine and process listing via TaskMan was unaffected) Re-enabling these allowed tlistProc to run without error.

Another user reported the following (upon getting the 239 error):

I ran the EXCTRLST.EXE program to view the extensible performance counters (err..?) and the perfproc.dll listing had "Not found" for the Counter ID Range and Help ID Range. The documentation for this says that this means something is wrong with the entry for this service.

Another user reported:

We've had to deal with reading process lists during a WinBatch script, and occasionaly bumped into the errors 215/239 problem.

What seemed to help for us was sending a simple REG-file to the affected user, have him merge the file, then reboot, and hey-presto: problem solved!

Registry key of interest:

"Disable Performance Counters"=dword:00000000

You could try installing and running the 'exctrlst' utility. This tool provides information about the performance counter DLLs that have been installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows. The tool lists the services and applications that provide performance information by using the Windows registry. When monitored using the Performance console provided in Windows, the data provided by these performance counters can be useful for optimizing and troubleshooting.

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